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I have the grades of Doctor cum laude and graduate from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Master from the IESE Business School at the University of Navarra (UNAV), Specialist by the Department of Private Law at the University of Burgos (UBU) and a Diploma by UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio of Murcia (Spain), among other qualifications.

As an independent business and technology consultant, I have had the opportunity to work for organizations like Adif, Alcatel, Antena 3, Atari, Aneca, AVPPM, Bank of Spain, Banco Santander, Cecabank, Post and Telegraphs, Coca-Cola, the Spanish Army, El Corte Inglés, National Uranium Company, Forces Elèctriques d'Andorra, National Institute of statistics, Koch Media, Mercadona, Metro de Madrid, Michelin, Microsoft, NCR, Repsol, Schindler Group, Sogecable, Telefónica, Unidad Editorial, etc.

I have had the honour of being a member of the constituent cloister of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) under democratic rule.

I have collaborated with Miguel Angel Núñez on a project which was awarded a 2nd Prize in Research in Military Psychology of the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

I have been quoted in the research and science paper Investigación y Ciencia (Spanish edition of Scientific American), in the weekly economic paper L’Econòmic, interviewed by ED-Daily Meetings and referenced in the Sigart Bulletin from ACM Press (California), in the Artificial Intelligence directory of Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (formerly the American Association for Artificial Intelligence), in Madrid I+D (regional administration Research and Development policies agency) and by a:Ditoday (Barcelona).

I have performed public presentations and made publications, among other institutions, at the Enterprise Institute, the Institute of International Research, SAS Institute, the International Federation of Automatic Control, Forecast & Strategy Club, for the Fundación Ortega y Gasset and The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

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Escudo de Castilla y León Libro abierto, hojas de plata, filo de oro, guardas de gules, tapas de sable.

Académie internationale d'héraldique; 1999

Académie internationale d'héraldique, AIH, «Mémorial du Jubilé, 1949-1999», 201 páginas, 1999.

Pages 2 and 3 of Mémorial du Jubilé, 1949-1999

Bibliographical reference of century XX.

Classification: Report and French language.

Author: Académie internationale d'héraldique.

The following article cites this bibliographic reference:

External resource:

Internal resources: Aih1999.Memorial.pdf.

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Escudo de Castilla y León Libro abierto, hojas de plata, filo de oro, guardas de gules, tapas de sable.

Emblemata; 2004

Baron of Valdeolivos Emblematic Chair, of the Fernando el Catolico Institution, of the Centre of Scientific Research (C. S. I. C.) and of the Government of Zaragoza, «Emblemata», Volume 10th, Emblemata Aragonese Magazine about Emblems (E. R. A. E.), 563 pages, ISSN 1137-1056, Legal deposit Z.3.937 1996, printed by the Cooperativa de Artes Gráficas Librería General, Zaragoza, 2004.

Bibliographical reference of century XXI.

Classification: Magazine and Castilian language.

The author is Cátedra de Emblemática Barón de Valdeolivos.

External links:

Internal resources: Emblemata2004.Volumen10.pdf.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Illustration, translation and editing

I am an editor of both literature and technical books, registered in the ISBN Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Culture. I do also work in translation and illustration of key poetry works. Some examples of this activity are:

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  • The illustration of "Les Fleurs du Mal" by Charles Baudelaire. I have done 128 pictures for the poems included in the 1861 edition using a mix of techniques on coated paper, which became a first free French edition. There is an upcoming bilingual edition in French and Spanish.
  • Translation of Chinese medieval poetry of the Tang dynasty (centuries VII to X), using a method of translation of Jué jù poems, with metric, but without rhyme, seeking an isomorphism with the original that allows you to associate, using color schemes, each character in classical Chinese with English and its representation and current Chinese pronunciation. These illustrated translations were published in different issues of the Chinese Economy and Society Observatory (OES China).

In addition, I have authored the cover of «der Rückfall» a magazine of the Technische Universität München and illustrations of the opening chapter of the book «Time's Up; Finding Resonance and Relevance in Revelation» by Bill Albing.

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Escudo de Castilla y León


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All images of have been elaborated by Antonio Salmerón Cabañas either by the interpretation of existing blazons or by the creation of new blasons, coats of arms, heraldic objects or other artistic achievements.

In the hypothetical case that a holder of a coat of arms or coat of arms or an author of a plastic work or an author mentioned in the texts or in the bibliography will consider that, by mistake or omission, some content of this site, and which is identical to the one reproduced in its associated heraldry domains, could damage any of your rights, please do not hesistate to contact Antonio Salmerón Cabañas by e-mail or by means that he thinks fit to be able to remedy it as soon as possible.

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