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How I emblazoned a Boar passant Or.

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Alexander Nisbet, schema

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Bordure invected and bordure engrailed.

Painting inspired in [Nisbet, A.; 1816; page 21, pictures 1 and 2], but with the 3 boar's heads of Alexander Nisbet within the 2nd bordure invected.

Blazon writen by the College of Arms for the coat of arms of Michael John Huxley-Evans «Per fess nebuly Sable and Ermine in chief a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper within a wreath of Thorns Or in base three Boar's Heads erased Sable armed Or.», but to differentiate from the «armed» of the claws, I prefer «tusked» to «armed» for the defenses/tusks of the boar's heads.

Blazon keywords: Bordure, Invected, Engrailed, Head and Boar.

Style keywords: Semi-circular.

Classification: Schema.

Bearer: Nisbet, Alexander.

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Escudo de Castilla y León Libro abierto, hojas de plata, filo de oro, guardas de gules, tapas de sable.

Nisbet, A.; 1722

Alexander Nisbet, System of Heraldry, 1722, coat of arms

Alexander Nisbet, «System of Heraldry Speculative and Practical: With the True Art of Blazon», subtitle «according to the most approved heralds in Europe: illustrated with suitable examples of armoria figures, and achievements of the most considerable surnames and families in Scotland, together with historical and genealogical memorials relative thereto», printed by J. MackEuen, Edinburgh, 1722.

This is the very 1st edition of this book and I consult the edition [Nisbet, A.; 1816].

Bibliographical reference of century XVIII.

Author: Nisbet, Alexander.

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