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I am, among other degrees:

  • Doctor and Graduate by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM),
  • Master by the IESE at the University of Navarra (UNAV),
  • University Specialist by the Department of Private Law of the University of Burgos (UBU), and
  • University Graduated by the Catholic University San Antonio.

I am, also:

A tree, from freehand drawing and tincture to the final result
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Escudo de Castilla y León

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To advise you on the possibilities of creating your own coat of arms, to ask for a personalized budget or for any other query you wish to make, you can contact me, without commitment, using the following contact information, you are welcome, and I will be happy to assist you.

The recommended way to contact is using my email address .

  • Dr. Antonio Salmeron.
  • Mobile phone: (+34) 690 855 320.
  • Telephone: (+34) 917 906 868.
  • email: .
  • Paseo de la Castellana 135, 7th floor, 28046 Madrid, Spain.

You can also contact me through my contact form.

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Contact form

You can contact me, for everything related to the creation of coat of arms and heraldic objects, using the following contact form and I will respond to you as soon as possible:

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García-Mercadal y García-Loygorri, F.; 2012

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Your coat of arms

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Everyone is able to get their own coat of arms, this is so in Spain and many other countries of the world and the way to get it is very simple.

The most direct way to possess a coat of arms is to create it and adopt it as your own.

However there are other ways of acquiring it, for example, inheritance, concession, acquisitive prescription, some already impossible such as capture in combat and other illusories, such as to believe that we had bought one in series equal to that people with a similar surname, when our coat of arms, as it is our own signature, is something absolutely personal.

In order to create your own coat of arms you can count on my help. Your coat of arms has to represent and be a reflection of your ideals, goals, motivations or what you want to express, but also have to follow the heraldic rules of the coat of arms and be created with art and professionalism and my services cover all of the previous.

While creating the coat of arms I follow a heraldic creation methodology that starts from the customs initial wishes and ideas about their future coat and follows a process of advancement and refining until its definitive creation.

A coat of arms is described by its blazon and admits different forms of artistic expression. Thus, a coat of arms and its blazon are something much richer and freer than the logo concept. All logos are registred and therefore restricted to severe standards in terms of colors, shapes and dimensions, which leaves no room for creativity.

Nevertheless, when a blazon is said to be «a Unicorn Argent, salient», each artist can create a different unicorn in a more or less stylized jumping attitude and where their silver color can be chosen from a wide range of light grays and even many types of white.

Therefore, your new personal shield created with my help can later be interpreted by other artists that provide other different and enriching visions, and can also be portrayed on different media such as paper, wood, metal, etc. In turn, if you already have armories of your own, I would be delighted to carry out my own interpretation of them.

Canting arms with its crest
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Escudo de Castilla y León

Creation of your coat of arms and economic budget

The creation of your coat of arms admits many possibilities, being the basic one the creation of the blazon, that is, its heraldic description. From there,

  • you can choose all the ornament of your shield, for example, whether or not it has a crest, whether or not it has a mantling, that your arms has supports, or tenants, moreover
  • you can choose your own complements, for example, wish to have a flag according to your coat of arms, create your own badge, your personal seal, your ex libris, etc.

My service as a heraldic artist covers all of the above, from initial conception to final design and delivery, both in digital support and through a printed heraldic document which contains all the pieces created for you in a personalized way and even other tangible complements, such as, for framing or sealing.

This is why the cost of my services can be adjusted accotding to your requests, from the most economical which is the creation of your arms and its digital delivery by electronic means, to the additional creation of all the ornament and accessories included the delivery of the heraldic catalog high quality printed:

  • the most economical services start at 275 € (ideation and creation of the basic coat of arms with its motto), and
  • the most ambitious budgets can exceed 875 € (ideation and creation of a coat of arms with 4 different quarters, motto, helm, wreath, mantling diapered, crest over the wreath, 2 supports, seal, ex libris and heraldic catalog).

You can ask me, without any commitment, a personalized budget in which the final result is specified, it is economically quantified, the delivery deadline is estimated, the form of payment is fixed and the applicable tax regulations are summarized. Depending on the country of origin of the order at the previous prices, the current VAT must be applied or not at the time of invoicing.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Freedom and legitimacy to adopt arms

In Spain we are all legitimated to adopt and have our own coat of arms, it is a privilege that we can give ourselves in a pure exercise of freedom, is a right that has been passed down to us throughout our history, and it is as beautiful and simple as it seems.

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Fernando Garcia-Mercadal and García-Loygorri is one of the experts who best described this idea when he writes: «It is the adoption itself... the original way of acquiring a personal blazon that consists of the intellectual of a new coat of arms by whom it intends to make it his own, having the capacity and intention to assume it and subject it to heraldic laws and customs...» and on the basis of it makes us notice that «it can be maintained that every person... has the right, nowadays, to take on new arms, with the exception of blazons owned by others or the acquisition of one which is contrary to law». According to the same author, the proper adoption of a coat of arms has 3 outstanding features [García-Mercadal y García-Loygorri, F.; 2012; page 281]:

  • «Is an act... that can have legal effects,... which implies an intellectual creation,... the mental invention of a certain form and contents that in Western culture are known as coat of arms or blazon»,
  • «Has an identifiable purpose, inasmuch as its object is to be represented by means of the same and, as the case may be, transmit it to its heirs» and
  • «is not an act of free will, since the suitor must submit his armories to design rules».
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Dr. Antonio Salmerón y Cabañas,
Paseo de la Castellana 135, planta 7a,
28046 Madrid, España.