Libro abierto, hojas de plata, filo de oro, guardas de gules, tapas de sable.

GDLC; 1998

Various authors, «Gran diccionari de la llengua catalana», known as GDLC, Enciclopèdia Catalana, Diccionaris de l’Enciclopèdia, ISBN 84-412-2790-X Barcelona, 1998.

Bibliographical reference of century XX.

Classification: Dictionary and Catalan language.

The author is Various authors.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Antonio Salmeron, The Armorial Register

Iar 06 SalmeronA TheArmorialRegister jpg

Registered by The International Register of Arms, 1st of April of 2020, Registration number 0542, Volume 3.

[Armorial Register, T.; 2020; page 194].

Photograph of the pages 194 and 195

Categories: Armorial roll, Quarterly, Or, Sable, Two, Wolf and Passant.

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Root: The Armorial Register.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Ackerson - Akers, lineage

Sable, a Bend between three Acorns Or.

Ackerson and Akers lineages.

Sable, a Bend between three Acorns Or.

Illuminated and freehand finishing.

The coat of arms of Ackerson and Akers lineages emblazoned by me and extracted from [Burke, B.; 1989].

Unless the blazon specifies another layout, when a bend is between three charges, this charges are ordered, two in the chief and one in the base, as the three acorns do in this case.

[Rietstap, J. B.; 1861] escribe el blasón de «Ackers ou Akers» como «de sable, à une bande d'or, acc. de trois glands du mesme».

Blazon keywords: Sable, Bend, Between, Three, Acorn, Or and Ordered.

Style keywords: Freehand, Outlined in sable and Illuminated.

Classification: Interpreted.

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Escudo de Castilla y León Libro abierto, hojas de plata, filo de oro, guardas de gules, tapas de sable.

Académie internationale d'héraldique; 1952

Pommelly, fusils, ermine spots, wreathed, cramponned, calvary

Académie internationale d'héraldique, AIH, «Vocabulaire-Atlas Héraldique en six Langues: Francais - English - Deutsch - Español - Italiano - Nederlandsch», by Gaston Stalins, Le Baron Stalins, with the collaboration of René Le Juge De Segrais, Ottfried Neubecker, Martin de Riquer y Morera, Giacomo Carlo Bascapé, and Mario Gorino-Causa, 119 pages, 530 black and white heraldic pictures, Société du Grand Armorial de France, 179 Boulevard Haussmann, París, 1952.

This book begins with the following sentence: «Heraldique - science et art - qui prit naissance en France vers la moitié du XIIe siècle, s'est propagée très rapidement dans les principaux pays européens».

The number of terms and words of the heraldry by languages is as follows:

  • French language: 523 heraldic terms.
  • Dutch language: 521 heraldic terms.
  • German language: 519 heraldic terms.
  • Spanish language: 511 heraldic terms.
  • Italian language: 506 heraldic terms.
  • English language: 502 heraldic terms.

The names of the authors and collaborators have been checked with [Académie internationale d'héraldique; 1999].

Its 530 heraldic illustrations correspond, according to my calculations to 509 drawings, numbered from 1 to 530. Some images contain several numbers, for example, the image that shows a coat of arms with its mantling, number 528, and its supporters, number 529, a griffin and a lion rampant, it is the same illustation, but with 2 numbers.

Vocabulaire-Atlas Héraldique en six Langues, inner

Bibliographical reference of century XXI.

Classification: Dictionary, French language, English language, German language, Castilian language, Italian language and Dutch language.

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Internal resources: Aih1952.00.Vocabulaire.Original.pdf, Aih1952.01.Vocabulaire.Sefidn.pdf and Paper edition with a Swedish bookplate.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Google Plus

I also had a heraldic wall in Google+ the social network created and closed by Google. Google + taught us that we should not put all our efforts into a single social network.

Tres torres ordenadas de oro, imagen para Google +

Categories: Technology, Social networks, Tower, Ordered, Or, Port and windows and Azure.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Castilian castle

A Castle Or, triple towered, embattled, port and windows Azure, and masoned Sable.

A Castle Or, triple towered, embattled, port and windows Azure, and masoned Sable.

Un castillo de oro, aclarado de azur, mazonado de sable.

Some of the characteristics of the Castilian castle are specified in the coat of arms in English, for example, «triple towered, embattled», but they are omitted in the Spanish blason, because the Spanish blason considered that the Castilian castle can not be otherwise. These local characteristics, that decades ago were not necessary to specify, could begin to have to be in this global and interconnected heraldic world. [Valero de Bernabé, L.; 2009a] describe the different characteristics between the Castilian, the French, and the English castles among others.

Blazon keywords: Castle, Or, Port and windows, Azure, Masoned and Sable.

Style keywords: Freehand.

Classification: Schema.

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Escudo de Castilla y León

Which one is the single blazon?

Riddle323 10 TheSingleBlazon jpg

All these blazons are equal two by two, except one blazon without a partner.

Which one is the single blazon?

This is an heraldic riddle based on the arms of Vittorio Gifra, «Paly of six Azure and Or; over all a bend Azure.», painted the very first, row 1 and column 1.

Think before you move the cursor or click on the following link and see the solution.

Categories: Riddle, Semi-circular, Pointed, Triangular curved, Pointed and rounded, Rounded, Outlined in sable, Freehand, Paly, Six, Surmounted, Overall, Bend, Azure, Vert and Or.

Root: Gifra, Vittorio.

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