Separador heráldico
Escudo de Castilla y León

Norman Darcy

Argent, three Cinquefoils Gules.

Norman de Darcy ~ Norman Darcy ~ Norman de Arci.

Argent, three Cinquefoils Gules.

Escudo de plata, tres quinquefolios de gules.

Included in [Vincent, MS; 1285; number 230] also known as [St. George's Roll; 1285; number 230].

Blazon keywords: Without divisions, Argent, Three, Cinquefoil, Gules and Ordered.

Style keywords: Triangular curved, Illuminated, Shaded, Outlined in sable and Fabric.

Classification: Interpreted and Personal.

Bearer: Norman de Darcy.


Dr. Antonio Salmerón y Cabañas,
Paseo de la Castellana 135, 7th floor,
28046 Madrid, Spain.