Religious heraldry

Separador heráldico
Escudo de Castilla y León Libro abierto, hojas de plata, filo de oro, guardas de gules, tapas de sable.

Husenbeth, F. C.; 1882

Frederick Charles Husenbeth, «Emblems of saints: by which they are distinguished in works of art», with 2 appendices «On the treatment of the Sibyls in art» by William Marsh and «On sacred heraldry» by Edward Lushington Blackburne, 3th edition edited by Augustus Jessopp, printed by A. H. Goose and Co. for the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, Norwich, 1882.

Bibliographical reference of century XIX.


Dr. Antonio Salmerón y Cabañas,
Paseo de la Castellana 135, planta 7a,
28046 Madrid, España.