Separador heráldico
Escudo de Castilla y León

B. Quesada, video of the blazon

This video shows the ideation of this coat of arms step by step, its field, chief cousu, figures, motto and it supporter. The music is «Sonata No. 8 in G major – 1. Allegro» of Ludwig van Beethoven interpreted by Paul Rosenthal, violin, and Edward Auer, piano, available under an «Open Audio License».

Blazon keywords: Without divisions, Sable, Or, Azure, Chief, Cousu, Two, Crown, In fess, Semé, Tulip, Vert, Tree, Erased, Support (thing), Motto (motivation) and Escroll.

Style keywords: Semi-circular, Illuminated, Outlined in the field tincture and Outlined in sable.

Classification: Video, Created and Personal.

Bearer: Quesada Valles, Bartolomé.

Separador heráldico
Escudo de Castilla y León

Carlos Vidriales, crest, cross and badge of commander

VidrialesC 25 Encomienda TrazoAlzado jpg

Blazon keywords: Party per pale, Argent, Cross, Sable, Bordure, Motto (motivation), Or, Thirteen, Hurt, Hurt, torteau, pellet, pomme and golpe, Azure, Three, In pale, Four, Five, Chief, Fleur de lis, Crest, Helm, Mantling, Dexter, Sinister, Wreath, One, Brazo, Armed, Nascent, Tener, Espada, Accompanied, Two, Wing, Accolé, Decoration, Cross, Suspended and Base.

Style keywords: Freahand, Semi-circular, Illuminated and Outlined in sable.

Classification: Coat of arms, Interpreted and Personal.

Bearer: Vidriales García y Bustamante, Carlos.

Separador heráldico
Escudo de Castilla y León

o-XI, video of the heraldic starmap

The starship of this video is based on the «Narcissus», the lifeboat of the «Nostromo», designed by Ron Cobb for the film «Alien». The music is «Also sprach Zarathustra», Opus 30, from Richard Strauss, interpreted by Kevin MacLeod.

Blazon keywords: Quarterly, Sable, Or, One, Letra, Two, Wolf, Pasant, In pale, Number, Unicorn, Mullet and Compass rose.

Style keywords: Semi-circular and Freahand.

Classification: Video, Map, Created and Personal.

Bearer: Salmerón Cabañas, Antonio.


Dr. Antonio Salmerón y Cabañas,
Paseo de la Castellana 135, planta 7a,
28046 Madrid, España.